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British Parliamentary Papers

British parliamentary sessional papers, debates, and other British documents.

The British Parliamentary Documents Collection

The UCLA Library has an extensive collection of the British Parliamentary Papers that include primary sources for history, foreign policy, economics, labor, law, sociology, and agriculture of Great Britain, India, New Zealand, Canada, and North America. There are three kinds of materials containing legislative information in our collection: the House of Commons Sessional Papers, the Parliamentary Debates, and the Journals. In the Charles E. Young Research Library parlimantary papers are available in print, microform, and electronic formats. This guide will help you locate the most important set of documents for your research.

For a full description of what Parliamentary Papers are, study About Parliament from the UK Parliament portal.

Introduction to British Parliament and Parliamentary Papers

The following books from the UCLA Research Library and the links to the UK Parliament Website will provide the novice researcher with further reading about the British Parliamentary Papers.

News from the UK Parliament

Stay up to date on the latest Parliamentary news from the official UK Parliament Website.

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