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American Press Institute, API. Nonprofit educational group, affiliated with News Media Alliance, that advances an innovative and sustainable news industry by helping publishers understand and engage audiences. News Literacy Curriculum for Educators is API's free curriculum and resources for teaching news literacy.

Newseum. Interactive museum promoting free expression and the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution while tracing the evolution of communication. Online only now; in 1997-2019, it was in Washington, D.C., with 7 stories, 15 theaters and 15 galleries. Browse National Standards, and search EDCollections and EDTools for many historical and news media lesson plans and more!


Publications of All Kinds




  • Disrupted (Khalilah Brown-Dean, Connecticut Public Radio: NPR). Series featuring thematic news topics and current national challenges and social action.
  • Global News (BBC). Daily podcast featuring international news stories occurring twice daily on weekends and 1x per weekend.
  • News Now (NPR). Series featuring local and global news daily in 5 minutes. 
  • Up First (NPR). Series featuring the top three news stories in local and global news daily in 10 minutes.