Critical Media Literacy

Engaging Media and Transforming Education

Source: Feminist Frequency, on Twitch

Institutes, Museums, Research Groups and More!

Common Sense. Leading nonprofit dedicated to improving lives by providing trustworthy information, education, and an independent voice for all to thrive. Reports, lesson plans, research and more!

Critical Media Project, CMP. Free media literacy web resource for educators and students (ages 8-21) that enhances young people’s critical thinking and empathy, and builds on their capacities to advocate for change around questions of identity. 

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. The only research-based organization working collaboratively within the entertainment industry to create gender balance, foster inclusion and reduce negative stereotyping in family entertainment media; founded in 2004 by actress, Geena Davis.

True Child. Nonprofit publishing reports and resources surrounding the impact of racism, classicism, and genderism on youth.


Source: "It takes away the stigma," The Guardian, June 30, 2020. 

Publications of All Kinds


Feminist Frequency. Videos, reports, reviews, and more. FF challenges contemporary marginalization of groups based upon identity factors of gender, race, and sexuality across multiple forms of media, with the goal of ending abuse in the games industry.