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Comics & Graphic Novels

A research guide designed to support, inform, and streamline research on the history, themes, and technique of comics. Users will find helpful clarifications to the many formats of comics, specific citation support, and relevant databases.

Online Industry Data and Reports

Some data sets are readily available online. However, specific demographic data are often only offered by specific companies for a high price, and some historical data can be difficult to locate. Below are some freely available online sites with select industry data. 

Relevant Databases & Featured Periodicals

Listed below are resources to help you find review articles and other periodical/journalistic writing on comic book film adaptations. To discover more resources like these for film and television, see the Film and television guide.

Internet Review Sources

Useful sites for locating freely available reviews online.

Websites and Blogs

Most of these sites have Twitter, Facebook, and/or RSS feeds, allowing you to follow news more easily. They are useful for contemporary news only. For older content, use print editions of publications and databases listed under "Historical Entertainment Industry Magazines Online."