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Comics & Graphic Novels

A research guide designed to support, inform, and streamline research on the history, themes, and technique of comics. Users will find helpful clarifications to the many formats of comics, specific citation support, and relevant databases.

From the Panel to the Screen!

undefinedThe relationship between comics and cinema is as old as cinema itself. One of the first narrative films, L'Arrosé (Lumière 1895) is considered by many to be an adaption of a narrative premise often found in French comics like Un Arrseur Public (A Public Waterer) as you can see in the image to the left.


The relationship between these two mediums continue to be a dynamic one until this day. From providing story concepts to evolving formal techniques, cinema and comics enjoy an artistic reciprocity that is only recently being given more scholarly attention due in part to the surge of popularity these films have amassed over the past few decades. This page highlights major works in the field of comic book film adaptations along with highlighting other useful resources in analyzing the cinematic adaptation of comics.

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