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Comics & Graphic Novels

A research guide designed to support, inform, and streamline research on the history, themes, and technique of comics. Users will find helpful clarifications to the many formats of comics, specific citation support, and relevant databases.

About Citing Comics

Overall, comics citations require that the writer(s) reference, Writer, artist/illustrator, Letters by, story title, publication information, and publication medium. In the boxes below are examples of citations comics in single issue, comic strip, graphic novel, and webcomic format. These examples follow MLA format; see your subject librarian or the UCLA citation research guide for other citation style formats.

Citation Examples

Single Issues

OkoraforNnedi (w) Romero, Leonardo (i) Shuri #1 Marvel Comics, 17 Oct. 2018. Print.









Paperback Volume (Single Issues Bound)

Okorafor, Nnedi & Ayala, Vita (w) Romero, Leonardo & Stott, Rachel (i) "Shuri Vol 2: 24/7 Vibranium" Shuri #6-10 Marvel Comics, 24 Sept. 2019. Print.


Graphic Novel

Yang, Gene. American Born Chinese. New York: Square Fish, 2008. Print.




Wimberly, Ronald. Lighten Up, 2018. thenib.com









Comic Strip

Herriman, George. "Krazy Kat" Comic Strip. Chicago Examiner 30 April 1916. Print.