UCLA Biodesign Program Resources

This Guide was designed to support the research needs of the UCLA Biodesign Program Fellows, every Fall-Spring cohort

Welcome to the UCLA Biodesign Program !

This personalized guide will help you navigate the best research sources and strategies for your biodesign work
to obtain key medical and industry data and form strategic options in healthcare innovation and product development.

Accessing Databases from the UCLA Library

Image result for databasesThe Library's online subscription resources (databases, electronic journals, or e-books) can always be accessed from computers and wireless networks on campus. See Off-Campus Access to Online Resources, from the UCLA Library. Our license agreements restrict off-campus access to current UCLA, students, faculty, and staff who have set up their computer using one of or both the following methods.

  • Proxy Server:  A setting in your web browser which automatically diverts you to a UCLA logon page whenever you access a site UCLA subscribes to. 
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN):  A program you can download and install. When you logon with VPN software,
    you'll have access. Note: This option is required for Endnote or other non-web browser programs which don't have
    proxy settings.
    VPN for Mobile Devices:  Configuration to use the built-in VPN clients on most mobile devices.
  • Assistance and access information is provided by your user group.

Special access is not required to use the UCLA Library website or the UC Library Search catalog (to search UCLA or all UC campus holdings).