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Latin American Studies

What Are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are documents from the time period, people, and events of the time under consideration. Primary sources can be:

  • diaries or correspondence
  • photographs
  • illustrations
  • newspaper articles (from the time period)
  • manuscripts
  • pamphlets, broadsides, or other ephemera

Digital Primary Source Collections

Frontera Collection

Guides to Archives and Collections

Look for directories of archives on the topic, country, or period that you are researching. The following are some examples of general Latin American resources, as well as specific sources on Mexico. Search web sites of institutions for the most recent information about collections, access to materials, and service.

Online Archive of California

A searchable database that provides access to materials such as letters, manuscripts, photographs, oral histories, and works of art held in libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions across California, including the UC campuses. Contains descriptions of over 120,000 images; 50,000 pages of documents, letters, and oral histories; and 8,000 guides to collections.

Microform and Digital Collections

These are a few examples of the many collections containing primary sources that are available to UCLA researchers. Additional microform collections are available at the Center for Research Libraries, and may be borrowed for lengthly periods of time.

Library Catalogs