Entrepreneurship and New Product Development

This resources guide was developed for UCLA students enrolled in ENGR 188, MGMT 163, ENGL 130B, and related courses in product development.

Your Project Resources Guide

Welcome, Students in UCLA Product Development Courses 
This guide will help you navigate the best research sources and strategies for your UCLA
team project coursework related to entrepreneurship and new product development.

   Step 1:  Think through your project scope.  As much as possible, have an idea of the range of information you need to find before you begin to look for it.

   Step 2Review the resources and strategies contained in this Guide. Think broadly, considering how to leverage each resource to find the most useful information.

   Step 3:  If you don't find what you need at first, try a different approach (different search terms), another database (no one database has everything you need!), or ask for help.

   Step 4Use the 15-minute rule.  If you haven't found what you need in a certain database within 15 minutes, try another approach/resource (including contacting Rosenfeld Library for help).

Accessing Databases from the UCLA Library

Image result for databasesThe Library's online subscription resources (databases, electronic journals, or e-books) can always be accessed from computers and wireless networks on campus. However, our license agreements restrict off-campus access to current UCLA, students, faculty, and staff who have set up their computer using one of the following methods.

  • Proxy Server:  A setting in your web browser which automatically diverts you to a UCLA logon page when you access a site to which UCLA subscribes.  
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN):  A program at UCLA you can download and install to enable a secure, private network. When you logon with VPN software, you'll then have access. Note: This option is required for Endnote or other non-web browser programs which don't have proxy settings.  
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):  UCLA students are required to enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication to connect to the Campus VPN service.
  • If needed, get help from Bruin On-Line (BOL) / IT Services.

​​​​​​​Special access is not required to use the UCLA Library website or UC Library Search catalog to search UCLA and all UC campus holdings.