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Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Library Special Collections

Western European medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the UCLA Library Special Collections

Introduction to the Medieval and Renaissance manuscript materials in the UCLA Library Special Collections

Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts of Western European origin in the UCLA Library Special Collections are housed primarily in two collections. Together, these two collections comprise approximately 400 bound manuscripts, as well as hundreds of documents, leaves and bifolia. Detailed descriptions are found below:

Other collections that include medieval and renaissance manuscripts, such as family papers, and those of individual collectors that are topically focused and contain but are not exclusively comprised of early manuscripts, are listed below.

  • Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection
  • The Elmer Belt Library of Vinciana
  • Farley Katz Collection of 13th-16th century manuscripts and documents
  • Orsini Family Papers
  • Bourbon del Monte di San Faustino Family papers