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Cluster M1: Food: A Lens For Environment and Sustainability

Your guide to Food Cluster research resources at the UCLA Library

Your Peer Research & Writing Specialist

Your Peer Research and Writing Specialist ("Pro" for short) for the Food Cluster is Taylor Sieverling. Set up a consultation with Taylor to talk about research, writing, assignments, study skills, and getting settled in the Cluster program and at UCLA!

Office Hours:

Mondays at 11am-1pm

(Powell Ground Floor)

Appointments: Schedule here

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Your Library Liaison

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Ashley Peterson

24/7 Research Help

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Welcome to your Cluster M1 Research Guide! This is where you'll find resources to support your research and writing for Food: A Lens for Environment and Sustainability.

In addition to this guide, the Food Cluster has its own Library Team. We are available to answer questions and meet to discuss your assignments for the course. Keep in touch!

Taylor Sieverling
Peer Research & Writing Specialist ("Pro")
Office Hours:

  • Mondays at 11am-1pm
  • Powell Library Ground Floor (at the curtained tables with TVs)

Schedule an Appointment (In-person & Online)

Ashley Peterson
Research & Instruction Librarian, Media & Data Literacy
Schedule an Appointment (In-person & Online)

Alexandra Solodkaya
Rothman Family Food Studies Librarian
Schedule an Appointment (Online)

Fall 2022 Key Research and Writing Resources

Throughout the fall quarter, the Library Team will be presenting key resources each week to support your research, writing, and overall well-being at UCLA.

Week 1

Library Resource of the Week: Research Help

The UCLA Library is huge: so many people, buildings, and resources! One of the easiest ways to explore how we can support your research is to talk to us. From quick online chat questions to booking a consultation to discovering librarians who specialize in your major, this page will show you the many, many ways to reach out and keep in touch.