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Healthy Campus Initiative Resources

What is Research Well?

The ResearchWell Pod aims to assess the collective value and impact of Healthy Campus Initiative efforts across the campus community. Current activities include a Flex Bar Project with UCLA Dining to assess students' intake of plant- vs. animal-based protein, a Sedentary Behavior Study to learn about students' sedentary behaviors and obtain feedback on feasible classroom interventions, and an HPV Project to assess HPV awareness and vaccination coverage among UCLA students, among others. We also work with HCI GSRs and staff to obtain feedback from participants at HCI events and provide technical assistance to HCI-funded student organizations. If you want to learn more about our pod, discuss opportunities for research collaboration, or attend one of our meetings, contact Burt Cowgill at

Background research

Contact your subject librarian for assistance with literature reviews. A librarian can help you design effective, comprehensive database searches.

Presenting your research

The Poster Presentations guide has useful information on creating your poster using Powerpoint.

General resources for health promotion and evaluation activities