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Psychotherapy Video Clips

Sharing Video

Vimeo does not allow users to create video clips of published videos, but the video sharing site has some content relevant to social work.

  1. Enter keywords into Vimeo’s search box at the top of its home pages to find relevant videos.
  2. Click on the share icon to see Vimeo’s options for sharing video.

  1. Click the checkbox below the “Link” section and type the time when you would like the video to start.
  2. You can share the video four different ways:
    • Click on one of the social media links to share the video on a networking site like Facebook.
    • Copy and share the video’s short URL.
    • Type in the email addresses of the people to whom you would like to email the video. 
    • Copy the embed code and paste it into other websites to embed the video on other websites.