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Psychotherapy Video Clips

Creating and Sharing Video Clips

Creating Video Clips

  1. Create and login to a free account on the website. (You will not be able to create video clips without an account.)

  1. Find and open the video you would like to use to create clips.
  2. Click on the scissors icon on the bottom right of the video player to view controls for naming the clip, choosing when the clip will begin and end, and more.

  1. To create a clip, find the beginning and end times of the video you would like to save as a clip by either:
    • Clicking and dragging the green and red handles that appear below the video when you click the scissors icon or
    • Typing the times in the “Start” and “Finish” boxes below the video.

Naming Video Clips

  1. When naming your clips, using the following naming convention will make finding your clips easier:
    • Example: SW100B-JG-04.03.15

Saving and Sharing Video Clips

  1. To control who sees clips you have created, use the “Visibility” pull down menu before clicking on save.
  2. Click “Save,” and a link to the clip will be added to the “Clips” section.

  1. Use the buttons on the left of the list to play, edit and share clips, and more.