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Psychotherapy Video Clips

Creating and Sharing Video Clips

Creating Video Clips

  1. Click on the link above to visit
  2. Find and open the video you would like to use to create clips.
  3. Below each video is a transcript box. The words are highlighted as they are spoken in the video.
  4. When you find the part of the video you would like to save as a clip, first pause the video to stop the transcript box from scrolling.
  5. Highlight the transcript text in that part of the video.
  6. To the right of the video is a box with three tabs and two buttons below the box. Click on “Make Clips.”

  1. A new box will pop up asking you to name the clip.

Naming Video Clips

  1. When naming your clips, using the following naming convention will make finding your clips easier:
    • Example: SW100B-JG-04.03.15

Saving and Sharing Video Clips

  1. Click on “Save Clip.” A link to the clip remains in the “Clips” tab until it is deleted.
  2. Delete clips you do not plan on using anymore so that actively-used clips are easier to find. UCLA Library staff will delete the oldest saved clips when the list gets too long.
  3. You can view the clip by clicking the “Clips” tab of the box above the “Make Clips” button.
  4. To play the clip, click on the clip’s name.
  5. To share the clip, click on the green “Share Clip” button.
  6. Highlight and copy the text in the pop up box that appears.

  1. Now you can share the entire URL (by email, on another website, etc.).