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Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern, Armenian, and Central Asian Studies

Romanization Tables

Click the links below to see Library of Congress Romanization tables, which you will need in order to search library catalogs:

Sound Recordings

The UCLA Library owns numerous sound recordings (both voice and music) in Arabic. Search the UCLA Library catalog (select Advanced search) to locate these resources.

A selection of music recordings is listed below.


The UCLA Library holds a range of video recordings in Arabic. These include feature films, television series, documentaries, and news programs. Some videos are available for check out at various campus libraries, while others are available for viewing through the Instructional Media Collections and Services located in Powell Library. Please check the UCLA Library catalog for holdings.

A selection of recent videos is listed below.


Arabic-English dictionaries are available in the YRL Reference Reading Room, the YRL Stacks and the College library in the PJ6600–6700 call number range.

Specialized dictionaries, e.g., Arabic-English Dictionary of Qur'anic usage, will be found in other call number ranges.

Please check the UCLA Library catalog or visit your nearest library for complete holdings.

Arabic Language Online Resources


The UCLA Library holds more than 100 Arabic-language newspapers from around the world. Online access is available for a number of papers. Please check the UCLA Library catalog for complete holdings.

Many newspaper articles can also be accessed through the databases Ethnic NewsWatch, LexisNexis Academic, Multi Data Online and NewsBank.

A selection of newspapers with online access is listed below.