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Middle Eastern Studies

Middle Eastern, Armenian, and Central Asian Studies

UCLA Digital Projects

Check out these UCLA digital projects:

Maps and GIS

In addition to the resources listed below, please see the UCLA research guide for Maps, Atlases, Aerial Images, and Cartographic Resources.

UCLA Middle Eastern Film Collections

The UCLA Library holds a range of video recordings in Arabic. These include feature films, television series, documentaries, and news programs. Some videos are available for check out at various campus libraries, while others are available for viewing through the Instructional Media Collections and Services located in Powell Library. Title lists for a number of specialized collections are provided below. Please check the UCLA Library catalog for complete holdings.

Archives and Image Repositories

Use these sites to locate images of, and metadata for, art, artifacts and monuments of the Middle East as well as archived websites. Some are freely available, others are subscription services, so remote access may be necessary when accessing from off-campus.

Online Exhibitions