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Librarian for Public Policy & Urban Planning

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Michelle Brasseur
Young Research Library, Level A
Subjects: Public Affairs

Online Sources

Print Directories

The following is a list of well-recognized, authoritative directories, almanacs, and guides to PACs, interest groups, etc.  They are available in print or online.


Political Action Commitees or PACs
A group organized to provide support, monetary or othewise, to political candidats.

Connected PAC - sponsored by "corporations, labor unions, and trade associations.  The sponsoring organization is able to fund administrative and fundraising expenses. (Almanac of Federal PACs, p. xiii)

Nonconnected PAC - freestanding organizations that have no sponsors, and have to pay for costs out of their contributed revenues. (Almanac of Federal PACs, p. xiii)

Interest Group

Moore, J. L. (2003). Interest group. In Elections a to z, 2nd ed. Washington: CQ Press. Retrieved April 7, 2009, from CQ Press Electronic Library, CQ Encyclopedia of American Government, Document ID: elaz2d-156-7510-403316.

Lobby Groups

Lobbying: Pressure groups, many and varied. (2008). In Guide to Congress, 6th ed. (Vol. 1). Washington: CQ Press. Retrieved April 7, 2009, from CQ Press Electronic Library, CQ Congress Collection, Document ID: g2c6e1-972-36484-1842324.



Witnesses who provide testimony at Congressional Hearing can be a good way to identify interest groups on a policy.

Congressional Record

In addition to being the official transcripts of House and Senate floor activity, the Congressional Record contains pages numbered "HL" which is know as the Lobby List. The list is published quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

A lobby list identifies individuals and organizations that lobby Congress and the clientele that those lobbyists represent. The list is based on disclosure forms filed with the Clerk of the House and Secretary of the Senate, and it is published in the Congressional Record quarterly, usually in February, May, August, and November. The three sections of the lobby list are registrations, quarterly reports for the most recent quarter, and quarterly reports from the prior quarter that were received too late for inclusion in the previous list. From GPO Access Congressional Record Search Tips.

Online Access

Print copies

  • 1985-88: YRL A-Level Microfiche
  • 1789-1824, Annals of Congress, YRL Stacks J 11. R5
  • 1825-1837, Register of Debates in Congress, YRL Stacks J 11. R5
  • 1833-1873, Congressional Globe, YRL Stacks J 11. R 5
  • 1873-2007, Congressional Record, YRL Stacks J 11. R5

*Note: print copies for all years may also be obtained at the UCLA Law Library.