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Public Policy



Depending on the nature of your work, you might want to consider visting the UCLA Law Library for assistance with all your legal and regulatory research needs.  The Law Librarians have the specialized skills to help you understand and search the US Codes, California Codes, Municipal Codes, CFR, CCR, etc. effectively.

The resources on this page will get to the key resources to get you started.  You are welcome to contact me for assistance first.

Statutes and Codes

Statutes are a chronological list of acts that have passed.  For further details, review these step-by-step guides on How to Find Federal Statutes and How to Find California Statutes.

  • US Statutes at Large
  • California Statutes at Large

Codes are laws organized by subject/topic. 

  • US Code
  • US Code Annotated
  • California Code
  • Los Angeles Municipal Code


Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Califirnia Code of Regulations

California Regulatory Notice Register

Legal Databases

Federal Rulemaking Agencies

The federal agencies, cabinet and non-cabinet level, listed on NARA's website have rulemaking authority. 

"Federal regulation is one of the basic tools of government used to implement public policy. Agencies publish thousands of regulations each year to achieve goals such as ensuring that workplaces, air travel, and food are safe; that the nation's air, water, and land are not polluted; and that the appropriate amount of taxes are collected. Because regulations affect so many aspects of citizens' lives, it is crucial that rulemaking procedures and practices be effective and transparent." from GAO report summary listed below.