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Cluster 27: Global Islam

This is the Cluster 27: Global Islam Research Guide. This guide provides helpful tips and resources for exploring Islam as a global religion and cultural tradition.

Tips for Searching Academic Databases

Each academic database is a bit different. Check out this tutorial for some tips on how to get the most out of your database searches to find articles, and identify common search features.

Pro-Tip: Full screen this video and open your favorite database in a second window to follow along! 

Scholarly and Popular Sources

This handout is your roadmap to understanding the differences between scholarly and popular sources! It includes helpful examples of each source type and tips for how to distinguish between the two within library databases.

Using Databases to find Research Articles

A database is an electronic collection of information that can be organized and searched. Academic databases in particular can be used to search for scholarly journals, articles, and encyclopedia entries that you can use in your research and writing. There are many different kinds of academic databases, including the following:

  • Subject databases: These are databases that organize resources on a given discipline or subject area. Subject databases are effective for a deep exploration into a single discipline or focus area.
  • Interdisciplinary databases: Unlike subject databases, interdisciplinary databases search for resources across multiple disciplines. Interdisciplinary databases can be a great starting-off point for looking for resources like articles, and can help you familiarize yourself with the terminology of various disciplines. 

Below you will find lists of Subject Databases and Interdisciplinary Databases you can use to find scholarly resources relevant to global Islamic studies. 

Subject Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases

This is a selective list. To view the complete list of databases available through the UCLA Library, head to our A-Z Databases link