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Cluster 27: Global Islam

This is the Cluster 27: Global Islam Research Guide. This guide provides helpful tips and resources for exploring Islam as a global religion and cultural tradition.

Your Library Team and Their Roles

  • Maizah Ali - Peer Research and Writing Specialist, Email:
  • Salma Abumeeiz - Librarian, Email:
  • Hannah Sutherland - Instructional Designer and Technologist, Email:

Get to Know Your Peer Research and Writing Specialist!

Name: Maizah Ali

Cluster: 27, Global Islam

Major: Cognitive Science (with Specialization in Computing) and International Development Studies

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Fun fact: I love doing all sorts of art and have recently been into gouache painting!

I wished I’d known: the Cluster program has an incredible amount of resources available to students, which I wasn't fully aware of and couldn't take advantage of during my time taking the course.

Benefit of taking a cluster: I loved being able to learn about a topic from an interdisciplinary perspective for an entire school year -- I felt like our cluster really developed a community, and I was able to have some great conversations with teaching team members about the course and my interests!