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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

More Medieval and Renaissance History Sources

For a more comprehensive research guide to locating medieval and Renaissance era primary sources, please see:


ECHO includes links to over 5,000 websites relating to the History of Science, Technology, and Industry. Use the links below to access the website's main page where you can jump to links, Browse by Categories link to browse all websites by category, or Search Funciton to search ECHO for websites that include a specific word or phrase.

Scientific Illustration

In UCLA Library Special Collections

Search the UCLA Library Catalog and the Online Archive of California for medieval and Renaissance primary sources related to the history of science, technology, and/or medicine. Here is a sample of what you can find in the UCLA Library Catalog by searching "science, medieval" and limiting the location to "Biomed History and Special Collections" and "YRL Special Collections." Be sure to sort the results by publish date to find the earliest materials.

Medieval History of Medicine Resources

Medieval History of Science Resources