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Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian Art

Welcome to the UCLA Library guide for research on Renaissance Art. This guide is intended as a starting place for researchers, pointing to tools for finding books, scholarly articles, reviews, and other topical and collection-related information.

Searching the Library Catalog for Pre-Columbian Art topics

There are a number of library catalogs available to UCLA researchers. The best place to start is with the UCLA Library Catalog.

If you would like to find a survey or exhibition catalog on geographical region or cultural group, you can search the library catalog by selecting the basic search option. Once you have the basic search screen in front of you, click on the dropdown box where you see the word keyword and select the "Subject List" option.

Examples of possible subject headings include:

Art — Place

  • Art — Peru

Architecture — Place

  • Architecture — Mexico

Indian art — Place

  • Indian art — Central America
  • Indian art -—Mexico
  • Indian art — North America

Indian architecture — Place

  • Indian architecture — Central America
  • Indian architecture — Peru

Name of Groups

  • Aztecs
  • Incas
  • Indians of Central America
  • Indians of Mexico
  • Mayas
  • Olmecs

Name of Group and art form

  • Maya art
  • Inca textile fabrics
  • Maya pottery
  • Olmec sculpture

Name of Group or Place — Subject

  • Aztecs — Religion
  • Indians of Mexico — Funeral customs and rites
  • Indians of Mexico — Religion
  • Latin America — Antiquities
  • Mexico — Antiquities

Name of art form — Place

  • Pottery — Peru

Excavations (Archaeology) — Place

  • Excavations (Archaeology) — Mexico — site name
  • Excavations (Archaeology) — Mexico — Chiapas
  • Excavations (Archaelogy) — Mexico - Yucatán (State)

Subject — Place

  • Indian Mythology — Place
  • Indian Mythology — Mexico