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Course Reading List (Leganto) in Bruin Learn

Using the product Leganto, UCLA course instructors can create reading lists in the campus learning management system, Bruin Learn (Canvas). Use this guide to learn more about creating and managing reading lists in Bruin Learn.


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Emilie Eshbaugh

Request Deadline

The deadline to submit course reserve requests for SUMMER SESSION A 2024 is MAY 29, 2024. We cannot guarantee that reserve materials will be available in time for your course's need if your request is submitted after the deadline.

Where Should I Start?

If you would like to make a course reserves request:

  1. Create your reading list

  2. Add items to your reading list

  3. Submit your reading list to the Library


If you would like to make a reading list in Leganto without submitting a course reserves request:

  1. Create your reading list

  2. Add items to your reading list

    • You can add physical books, ebooks, external resources (YouTube videos, websites, etc), and PDF uploads

  3. Publish your reading list to your students

Intro to Leganto

Leganto, also known as the "Course Reading List" in Bruin Learn, is a tool that allows instructors to create lists of resources for their courses and share these lists efficiently with their students and Library staff. Leganto reading lists can include both Library-owned texts and external resources such as websites, videos, audio files, and more. All Leganto reading lists that are submitted to the Library are processed as course reserve requests. Starting Winter Quarter 2024, Leganto will be the only method through which UCLA Library will accept course reserve requests.

Benefits to Using Leganto

Leganto makes course resources more accessible to students.

All items added to your Leganto reading list can be accessed by your students directly from your course site, allowing them to locate their course materials in just a couple of clicks.


Leganto gives instructors a "window" into the Library's resource management system.

All items added to Leganto reading lists are shared instantly with the Library's internal system, creating a link between your course and the Library. When Library staff process reading lists, instructors are able to see updates - such as those related to item availability and purchase request status - in real time.


Instructors no longer need to manually locate and input bibliographic information for most materials.

If an item is already owned by UCLA Library, instructors can add it to their reading list directly from the Library catalog - no more need to manually fill out lengthy request forms.


Instructors can easily reuse reading lists from previous courses.

All reading lists made in Leganto are saved, allowing instructors to reuse reading lists in future quarters.


Leganto makes student usage data visible to instructors.

Instructors are able to see the number of students who have accessed each resource in their reading list, as well as the specific ways students have interacted with each resource (views, downloads, comments, etc). This allows instructors to easily track student engagement with the course material.