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Course Reading List (Leganto) in Bruin Learn

Using the product Leganto, UCLA course instructors can create reading lists in the campus learning management system, Bruin Learn (Canvas). Use this guide to learn more about creating and managing reading lists in Bruin Learn.


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About Leganto / Course Reading List

Students can now find everything they need to read, watch, and/or review for a course in one place in Bruin Learn/Canvas, including links to materials from the Library, bookstore, online resources, and instructor-authored files. The videos below demonstrate how course instructors can add Leganto/Course Reading List to their course and begin building lists. The first video is specific to UCLA, while the second was provided by the vendor and gives more details and ideas for what Leganto can do. 


Give Us Your Feedback!

Are you currently using the Course Reading List tool in Bruin Learn/Canvas? We would be interested in learning about your experience and how we can improve this guide. Please use the Email Me button on the left-hand side of this page for feedback and/or questions about how to get stared.

Add Course Reading List (Leganto) to Bruin Learn

Course Reading List is the name of the tool dedicated to Leganto in Bruin Learn. Follow the directions below to add the tool to your course site:

Inside a Bruin Learn course, go to your course Settings then click on the Navigation tab. Scroll down until you find 'Course Reading List' in the list of disabled tools. Then, click and drag it up to the list of enabled links, and click Save.

Getting Started Using Leganto

Watch the following video to learn how to create a Resource/Reading List. For more tutorial videos, visit the Leganto section of the Ex Libris Knowledge Base.

Watch the following video to learn how to add resources to an existing list or your Leganto Collection with the Cite It! button in your browser.

More to Do in Leganto

Watch this video to learn how to incorporate Open Education Resources (OER) into your Leganto/Course Reading List tool in Bruin Learn.