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Southern California Chicanx Music Research

Chicano/x Rock Special Collections at UCLA

Some of the relevant collections that include Chicano rock  at UCLA.

1. Ruben Guevara Records and Papers.  An extensive collection of books, recorded media, and flyers on Chicano culture and music. (This collection can be accessed and is available by appointment for UCLA student and faculty researchers as well as independent researchers. To view the collection or any part of it, please contact the Chicano Studies Research Center). 

2. Chicano Studies Research Center Library Record Collection [1970-1999?]  This record collection is part of the Chicano Studies Research Center's overall collection of books and music. It ranges from Mexican Folk Songs, Mariachi, Regional Mexican music, to Chick Corea, Duke Ellington and Chicano pop and rock music. 

3. UCLA's Ethnomusicology Archive  Established in 1961, the Ethnomusicology Archive is a world-renowned research archive dedicated to the study of musical traditions from around the globe. The Archive’s collection of more than 150,000 audio, video, print, and photographic items. Below is video "Musical Aesthetics in Los Angeles: Rudy Salas and David Reyes"  from Professor Steve Loza's Ethnomusicology 115 class.

California Based Archives and Special Collections

1. The Online Archive of California indexes collections of archives and sources in California public institutions. 

2. Sean Carrillos' Papers are located at UC Santa Barbara: Special Collections. This collection comprises materials from film festivals, Chicano punk rock shows, Punk bands and art exhibitions in Los Angeles from the 80's to early 2000's. 

UCLA Digital Library

"Brown Bag Production".Video Production by Art Brambilla recorded at KMEX Channel 34 Studios of Chicano Rock group, TIERRA in Hollywood, CA.

This photo is part of the Oscar Castillo Photograph Collection . To view it and more items in the collection, please visit UCLA Library Digital Collections