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Southern California Chicanx Music Research

Connect from Off-Campus

UCLA students, faculty, and staff can access Library subscription databases from off-campus using either of the following options.

Find CDs at UCLA Libraries

To Find a Popular Song. 

Use a Keyword search in the UCLA Library Catalog.

When you search add the name of the performer or song writer and put the title in quotes, for example: "En Que Te Falte" Lysa Flores.  You can add the word "digital" so that you get CDs. (You can also add the word "sound" but you'll get CDs, LPs, and other formats too.)

Find Songs and Albums by a Band or Performer.

Use an Author (lastname, firstname) search in the UCLA Library Catalog.

Change the search box from Keyword to Author (lastname, firstname). For people, enter the last name first: Valens, Ritchie; Flores, Lysa, etc.

For bands just enter the name of the band: El Chicano; Thee Midniters, Los Lobos, etc.

At the Music Library

  • CD's from artists like Los Illegals, Los Lobos, and Quetzal are available at the Music Library. 

Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 1 (The Sound Of East L.A.) (CD, Compilation) album cover  Concrete Blonde Y Los Illegals (CD, Album) album coverJust Another Band From East L.A.: A Collection album cover  Imaginaries (CD) album cover

Online Audio

Related Films

These are some films/documentaries and streaming media that tell of Chicano/x Rock. 


Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles. 

Access to this film is available through the UCLA Instructional Media Library

Latin Music USA: Hora 3: La Ola Chicana. 

Image result for the chicano wave latin usa

Check out a clip from the film here

Streaming Media

These are streaming media resources. 

The Brat

The Brat performing on stage. From California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives in Special Collections

Streaming documentaries about Chicano/x rock are available through ImaginArte including The Brat and The West Coast Eastside Sound Documentary Videos