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Cluster 80: Frontiers in Human Aging

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Sometimes you need to narrow or broaden your topic.

Turn It In

UCLA has a campuswide license to Some professors ask their students to turn their papers in electronically and the text is submitted to where it is compared with a vast database of other student papers, online articles, general Web pages, and other sources. then produces a report for the instructor indicating whether the paper was plagiarized and if so, how much. To access this resource, log in to MyUCLA and click on the link in the left-hand column under "MyUCLA Features." There will only be a link if your professor is using

APA Citation Style

For Cluster 80, the preferred citation style is APA (American Psychological Association). Below are links to APA resources.

Other Citation Styles

Classes in the Humanities or History may use other citation styles, such as the ones below.

Citation Style Guides - Print

For a general introduction to academic citation and intellectual property, see Citing Sources.

For more detail, consult the complete printed style manuals, available in many campus libraries:

Avoiding Plagiarism

See the Guide Section on Avoiding Plagiarism for more information.