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German Studies

How to Find German Dissertations

The German national library (Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) receives a depository copy of dissertations written in Germany. They also have an extensive collection of dissertations written elsewhere about German topics.

  1. Go to Erweiterte Suche (Advanced Search) on the DDB OPAC.
  2. Set one of the boxes up to “Hochschulschrift”, and search for “diss?” (where “?” is the truncation operator), and another search box for Alle Wörter or Schlagwörter, and type in your search term(s).
  3. Click on the ‘suchen’ button.

Having identified the dissertation you need, try to find it at the Foreign Doctoral Dissertations database of the Center of Research Libraries. If you do not find the title you want, please contact the person dealing with publication requests at CRL. They will buy those dissertations that are not already held in their collection. You also need to fill out an Interlibrary Loan request form in order to receive the dissertation at the Circulation desk of a UCLA library.

Printed bibliographic sources for German dissertations:

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