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Jewish Music in Los Angeles

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Jewish Music in Los Angeles Research Resources

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Klezmers on the Moon, Chaim Goldberg

The UCLA Library Special Collections holds a large amount of primary source materials pertaining to Jewish music in Los Angeles. This guide is intended as a starting place to point researchers to these materials and also serves as a basic orientation on using Library Special Collections holdings. If you have questions or comments about the guide, please contact the Performing Arts Curator, Peggy Alexander.

Hanukkah Music

Hanukkah Sheet Music

All titles are found in the Sheet Music Collection, col. PASC-M 147 unless otherwise noted.

​Chanukah Licht = Di Hanukah Likht ;= Chanuka Lights, 1937, box 525

Hanukha Folks-Lied = Chanukah Folk Song, 1947, box 407

Happy Hanukkah, My Friend, 1992, box 479

Mi Y'malel = Who Can Retell, 1949, box 525

Composers Collections

Performers Collections

   Herb Alpert: A&M Records Collection

Music Administrators, Lyricists, Critics, Producers, Conductors

Yascha Borowsky, Conductor, Los Angeles Biltmore Concert Orchesra 

Yascha Borwosky, Conductor of the Los Angeles Biltmore Concert Orchestra (in Sheet Music Collection, Box 1120, "You Understand and I Love You")

Film and Television Music

Unless otherwise indicated, all titles are found in the Sheet Music Collection.


Harold Arlen

  • Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive (from Here Come the Waves) in Sheet Music Collection Box 875
  • Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Tol' Me),in Sheet Music Collection Box 1941, 859
  • Calypso Song (from The PrettyGirl), in Sheet Music Collection Box 391
  • For Every Man There’s a Woman (from Casbah),in Sheet Music Collection Box 65
  • Happiness is a Thing Called Joe (from Cabin in the Sky) in Sheet Music Collection Box 48
  • Man That Got Away (from A Star is Born), in Sheet Music Collection Box 158
  • My Shining Hour (from The Sky’s the Limit), in Sheet Music Collection Box 876
  • Now I Know (from Up in Arms), in Sheet Music Collection Box 231
  • That Old Black Magic (from Star Spangled Rhythm), in Sheet Music Collection Box 875

Kenneth Ascher

  • Rainbow Connection (from The Muppet Movie) in Sheet Music Collection Box 116

Jewish Themed Sheet Music

Sound Recordings of highlighted titles are available through the UC Santa Barbara Cylinder Archive, the UCLA Naxos Music Library or the Florida Atlantic University Recorded Sound Archives

Unless otherwise indicated, all titles are found in the Sheet Music Collection.

  • Abie, Take an Example From Your Fader, 1909, box 15
  • Abie's Got a Irish Molly O, 1911, box15
  • Af bri, 1927, box 525
  • Aliahu Hanavi, 1927, box 866
  • Alu leeretz avot, 1951, box 866
  • Amar ad' lYaḳov, 1928, box 866
  • At the Yiddish Cabaret, box 4446
  • Avaṭiḥim, 1948, box 866
  • Becky's Got a Job in a Musical Show, box 1264
  • Belle of Avenoo A, box 2046
  • Cohen Owes Me Ninety Seven Dollars, 1915, box 1150, 2181
  • Cohen's Yiddasha Band, box 2115
  • Die Greene Kosine, box 604
  • The Dish Washer, 1934, box 604
  • Happy Mose, box 1495
  • In a Little Jewish Town in A & M Records Collection of Business Papers, Sound Recordings, Music Manuscripts and memorabilia, 1969-1992
  • In That Little Irish Home Sweet Home, 1921, box 386
  • Jewish Dance Folio no. 5, box 603
  • Jewish Selection no. 2, box 603
  • Liebes Schmertzen = Love's Sorrow box 604
  • Little Sharon Goldfarb, 1973, box1077
  • Mein Yiddishe Meidele, 1948, box 604
  • Melancholy Mose, box 1736
  • Missus Mose Has a Million Beaus (Since Old Man Mose is Dead), Box NSPC 54
  • Moysha Machree: They're Proud of Their Irisher Yiddisher Boy, box 2116 
  • My Yiddisha Butterfly, box 2130
  • My Yiddisha Mammy, box 321
  • My Yiddisha Momme, 1925, box 592
  • My Yiddisher Bloonde, box 1447
  • My Yiddishe Momme, 1925, box 1122
  • Mysterious Mose, box 1519
  • Oy, S'is Gut, box 604
  • Potpourri (Jewish Folk Songs), 1929, box 407
  • Rambling Mose, box 1569
  • Sadie Harrovitch (Tell Me Which is Which), 1920, box 1016
  • Since Yussel Learned to Yodel He's a Yiddishe Mountaineer, box 1028
  • Sug Es Mir Noch a Mul, box 604
  • That's Yiddisha Love, box 1944
  • Vol vistu gaily star : the song of the lucky charm , box 1424
  • Vu Nemt Men Parnuse, box 604
  • When Mose With His Nose Leads the Band, box 1222
  • Wus Geve is Geven = Memories of Days Gone By, box 604
  • Yiddle On Your Fiddle, Play Some Ragtime, box 2022
  • Yiddisha Army Blues, box 1983
  • Yiddisha Charleston, box 2022
  • Yiddisha Rag, box 1983
  • Yonkle the Cow Boy Jew, box 1983
  • You Might Be But I Don't Know, box 1192

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