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Chicana and Chicano Studies in Library Special Collections

This guide assembles a selection of UCLA Library's primary source holdings in Chicana and Chicano history and is intended as a starting place to point researchers to significant collections that cover the history of Mexicans in North America.

Online Archive of California (OAC)

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Art and Culture

Title: Beto de la Rocha's Studio
Project: Castillo (Oscar R.) Photograph Collection 

Art and culture have served as critical mediums for Chicanas and Chicanos to express the personal and communitywide struggles Mexican Americans experience in the United States. Through literature, theatre and the visual arts, Chicanos have advanced numerous struggles for social change while recording the daily life of this under-documented group.

Lopez (Enrique H.) Papers 1960-1985

Enrique Hank Lopez (1920-1985) is believed to be the first Hispanic-American to graduate from Harvard Law School. Lopez edited and published a Hispanic literary journal and wrote a number of books. The collection consists of manuscripts, research materials, and articles by or about Enrique Hank Lopez. The collection also includes biographical information and books inscribed to him by various authors.

Balcena (Antony) Papers 1974-2001

Antony Galindo Balcena, a Mexican-American, was born in Lompoc, California in April 30, 1954 and died in Los Angeles, California in November 23, 1995. AntonyBalcena, (also known as Tony Balcena) was an accomplished dancer, choreagrapher and Gay and AIDS activist. He was known for his unique choreographic style and, through his life, he created and performed intimate and controversial performances such as "Dudes" and "Shell of Flesh." This collection documents the life and work of Balcena as a choreographer, dancer, and Gay and AIDS activists.

Peña (Terri de la) papers 1988-1996

Terri de la Peña (1947- ) is the author of Margins (1992), the first Chicano lesbian novel, and Latin satins (c. 1994). The collection consists of one limited edition publicity poster for Terri de la Peña's novel, Latin satins.

Tovar (Nancy) Murals of East LA Collection (6)

This is a collection of approximately 600 color slides of Chicano / Raza oriented murals primarily situated in East
Los Angles were photographed by Nancy Tovar in the 1970s.