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Engineering 183: Engineering and Society

UCLA Library Catalog Search Tips

  1. Use keywords to locate books that have relevant information. Find one book that looks appropriate and locate subject headings. Use the subject headings to find appropriate books and refine your search.
  2. Use truncation symbols. In the UCLA Library Catalog, engineer? will retrieve engineer, engineers, engineered, engineering, etc. Check each catalog to see what symbol it uses (*, ?, $).
  3. Remember: you can sort results by date as well as relevance. A book that sounds perfect for your topic may be outdated. If you find one of these, try step 1) above to find similar newer titles.

Google Books Search

Google Book Search does not provide the entire text of a book online unless the book is in the public domain. Try searching with terms appropriate to your topics. If you find a book that sounds interesting, check to see if it is in the UCLA Library Catalog.

Google Book Search

Library Catalog

Finding Books and More in the UCLA Library Catalog


Full list of E-books in Science and Engineering. The following are ebook databases.

Featured Books