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Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Your guide to Spanish and Portuguese Studies research at UCLA: Find articles, books, primary sources, and more

Research Assistance

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Jennifer Osorio
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Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
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What Are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are documents from the time period, people, and events of the time under consideration. Primary sources can be:

  • diaries or correspondence
  • photographs
  • illustrations
  • newspaper articles (from the time period)
  • manuscripts
  • pamphlets, broadsides, or other ephemera

Primary Sources

Online Archive of California

A searchable database that provides access to materials such as letters, manuscripts, photographs, maps, oral histories, and works of art held in libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions across California, including the UC campuses. Contains more than 20,000 online collection guides, and provides access to more than 170,000 digital images and documents.