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Animal Welfare and Alternative Models

Before You Begin

Before you begin searching, please be sure to read through the Searching Techniques page. You may also find it helpful to use UC Davis' Worksheet Essentials during your searching.

Core Databases

Note that many of these sources only index journal articles—they don't actually have the full text.

To access full text:

For more tips, see our guide on database searching.


Cold Spring Harbor Protocols is published by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and includes protocols on a variety of topics: cell biology, imaging/microscopy, laboratory organisms, neuroscience, PCR, stem cells, and emerging model organisms. Select the general subject area you're interested in from the list below, or go to the main Cold Spring Harbor Protocols site and search for a specific topic.

Current Protocols is a series of laboratory protocols published by Wiley. 

BioTechniques includes protocols on life sciences and physical sciences topics including bioinformatics, imaging, robotics/automation, model systems, molecular and cell biology, and analytic chemistry. The Biomedical Library provides access from 1997-present online; a print subscription covering years 1983-2008 is also available in the Biomedical Library shelved at call number W1 BI8764L.

Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE is an online journal publishing visualized (video-based) biological research studies.

Nature Methods and Nature Protocols include experimental and laboratory methods and protocols for bench researchers, primarily in biology and chemistry.

Plant Methods is an open access publication focusing on all aspects of plant biology.

How-To Guides

Beginning the research process can be overwhelming; the links below lead to guides that help demystify the process.

UCLA students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to meet with librarians for in-depth consultations and personalized instruction on research topics, database mechanics, and other subjects. To request an appointment or more information, contact the library liaison for this area.