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Anthropology 121C: Evolution of Genus Homo

Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship

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Zoe Borovsky, Ph.D.
phone: 310-825-4954

Research Assistance

Research assistance in the social sciences and humanities is available at the Charles E. Young Research Library. See Reference and Research Help for complete reference service options.

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Featured Books

Here are a few titles related to primatology that have been added to the the UCLA Library collections in the last couple of years.

How to Find Resources in a Library Catalog



Tips for General Searches

When searching for resources such as books, DVDs, or maps there are a few useful starting strategies to keep in mind:

  • Most library catalogs will tell you if the library has a book or resource, a subscription to a specific journal or magazine, and whether these include online access.
  • The call number will tell you where, on the shelves of a library, you will find the resource.  Call numbers correspond to subjects and allow you to find resources on similar topics nearby.  For example,  call numbers beginning with L will be found on the shelf near other books about education.  Here are call numbers for subjects of interest to Anthropologists.   

CC 1-960 Archaeology
E 51-74 Pre-Columbian America
E 75-100 Indians of North America
GN 1-890 Anthropology
GR 1-950 Folklore
GT 1-9999 Manners & Customs (General)
HT 1501-1595 Races

What about Google Book Search?

Though still in beta, Google Book Search can be a useful tool for discovering books. However, keep these suggestions in mind for making the most of your Google book searching:

  • Use the advanced search screen so that you can do more targeted searches.
  • Remember that Google is a commercial site that is designed to get you to buy things. Be sure to use the "Find it in a library" link to see if we have it here at UCLA.
  • Keep in mind that not everything is in Google Book Search, so don't assume that, if a book is not there, it doesn't exist. Use Google in addition to library catalogs and databases, not instead of them.

Recommend a Book

Is there a book that you think the library should have?  You can recommend a book purchase here or make a comment below.