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Electrical Engineering

What Is Predatory Publishing?

The open access movement has brought about great opportunities to share scientific research more broadly, but also gave rise to unethical publishing companies who wish to profit from scientific research and exploit researchers' desire to publish their materials. By carefully and critically evaluating the journals you wish to publish in you can avoid falling victim to predatory publishing.

Predatory publishing is not only limited to journals; more and more questionable conferences are cropping up as well. By following similar investigation strategies you will be able to verify the legitimacy of conferences.

Further Reading

Publisher and Journal Lists

These are the current lists of publishers and journals that have been identified as predatory or present predatory qualities. These lists serve as tools to help identify potential issues in publishers and journals, but is also not the end-all list of publishers and journals. It is a good idea to take a look at the black list criteria as well as do a little more research and investigation as to why a particular publisher/journal you might have been interested in made the list.