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Electrical Engineering

Local Organizations

This link takes you to a list of professional organizations related to chemical and biomolecular engineering in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas.

California Society of Professional Engineers 

Young Engineers in Action

Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers 

Los Angeles Area Consultants Network (LAACN)

Electrical Engineering 

On-Campus UCLA Organizations

These organizations provide key community and mentorship for graduate and undergraduate UCLA students in chemical and biomolecular engineering.

Student Groups and Clubs | Samueli Electrical and Computer Engineering

Interesting Articles

Twitter Handles to Follow

AABE is the nation's premier association of energy professionals with members from all sectors of the energy industry.

Electrical Engineering Portal is one of the world’s largest professional web portal dedicated to electrical science and education.

The leading technology and innovation hub for engineers in aerospace, automotive, chemical, electronics, robotics, energy, environment and more...

Welcome to Electrical Times magazine – the voice of electrical contracting.

Electrical Review is a monthly journal aimed at electrical engineers. Published since 1872, we are the UK's longest running electrical journal.

UCLA's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department! Where inventions come to life. #students #faculty #staff