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African Languages and Cultures

Possible LC Call Numbers Related to African Languages and Studies

Class P: Language and Literature

Subclass PL:    Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

                        PL1-8844 Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

PL8000-8844 African languages and literature

PL8000-8009 Languages

PL8009.5-8014 Literature

PL8015-8021 Languages. By region or country

PL8024-8027 Special families of languages

PL8035-8844 Special languages (alphabetically)

Subclass PT: German literature, Dutch literature, Flemish literature, Afrikaans literature, etc.

PT6500-6592.36 Afrikaans literature

Subclass PJ: Oriental Languages and Literature

                                    PJ991-995: Afroasiatic Languages

                                    PJ2340-2399: Libyco-Berber languages. Berber languages

                                                PJ2369-2399: Berber languages

                                    PJ2401-2594: Cushitic languages

                                    PJ3001-3097: Semitic philology and literature

                                    PJ8991-9348: Ethiopian languages

                                                PJ9201-9269: Amharic

LC Language Codes of Major African Languages

(Based on MARC Code List of Languages, Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office)

Afrikaans [afr]
Amharic [amh]
Bambara [bam]
Berber [ber]
Ewe [ewe]
Fulani [ful] UF Adamawa, Fulah, Fulbe, Fulfulde, Peul, Poul, Pular
Hausa [hau]
Igbo [ibo] UF Ibo
Lingala [lin]
Malagasy [mlg]
Mende [men]
Oromo [orm]
Shona [sna]
Somali  [som]
Swahili [swa] UF Kiswahili
Tigrinya [tir] UF Tigrina
Twi [twi] UF Akan, Akuapem , Ashanti , Chwee, Odschi, Tshi
Wolof  [wol]
Xhosa [xho]
Yoruba [yor]
Zulu [zul]