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Pacific Islands Studies

Accessing Books Remotely

How to Find and Evaluate Books

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The surest way to find books is to search the online catalogs listed in the side box. Here are some other tips for locating and evaluating books:

Tips for General Book Searching

When searching for books, there are a few useful starting strategies to keep in mind:

  • Searching a library catalog is different from searching Google or full text databases. The data provided is usually quite basic, including title, author, subject, and sometimes table of contents. You may need to broaden your search or try alternate keywords before finding books on a particular topic.
  • Most library catalogs do not contain articles or article indexing. Instead, they will tell you if the library has a subscription to a specific journal or magazine, and if this includes any electronic access. Use an article database to find specific journal articles.
  • If you already have a relevant book or article in hand, use its bibliography to find other sources on the same topic.
  • Do a subject word (not just a keyword) search in a catalog. The Research Library has print copies of Library of Congress subject headings available, and advanced researchers may also want to consult the LC Authorities catalog to locate subject headings on different topics.
  • Due to major space restrictions in the Library, note that some materials may be located at the Southern Regional Library Facility, or SRLF. These can usually be requested via the UCLA Library Catalog, and are usually available for pickup within 48 hours at one of the UCLA Libraries.

Featured Books

Here are some recent publications on the Pacific islands.

Tips for Finding Books on the Pacific Islands

  1. When searching for information on Pacific islands, there are a number of terms you should use, such as Pacific islands, Oceania, South Pacific, or South Seas. You should try truncating a search term, i.e. use "Pacific island?" so it gets keywords or subjects with Pacific island, Pacific islands, Pacific Islander, and Pacific Islanders. Searching under Pacific, on the other hand, would yield too many results.
  2. You could also search by subregion (i.e., Melanesia?, Micronesia?, Polynesia?) or by specific islands or countries (e.g. Solomon Islands, Tonga?).
  3. Keep in mind that materials are classified according to the most specific topic.Thus, when doing a subject search, remember that something specifically on Tonga would be classified under Tonga, and not under Polynesia or Oceania.

Call Numbers for Pacific Studies

The UCLA Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to categorize its materials. The following are call numbers related to Pacific Islands Studies.

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Religions. Mythology

2600-2630 Oceania



1480-1496 Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Pacific islands


Practical theology

3640-3680 Missions in Oceania


History of Oceania

18-23.5 Description and travel. Voyages.
28.11-68 History [General]
400-430 New Zealand
490 Melanesia (General)
500 Micronesia (General)
510 Polynesia (General)
520-950 Smaller island groups
560-569 Caroline Islands
590 Ellice Islands. Tuvalu
600 Fiji
615 Gilbert Islands. Kiribati
620-629 Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii
640-648 Northern Maria Islands. Ladrone Islands
647 Guam
700-701 Marquesas Islands
710 Marshall Islands
715 Nauru
720-721 New Caledonia
739-747 New Guinea
760 New Hebrides. Vanuatu
800 Pitcairn Island
810-819 Samoan Islands
850 Solomon Islands
870 Tahiti and Society Islands
880 Tonga Islands
885 Trobriand Islands
920 Wallis Archipelago


History of Latin America. Spanish America

3169 Easter Island



662-671 Australia and Pacific islands
668 Melanesia
669 Micronesia
670 Polynesia
671 Other islands
871-875 Prehistoric archaeology of Australia and Pacific islands



99.6 Pacific area
375-376 New Zealand
380-385 Pacific islands



3171-3189 New Zealand
4001-4005 Pacific Ocean islands



3692-3694 New Zealand. Pacific Area.  Pacific Ocean islands


Economic history

661-670 New Zealand
681 - 688 Pacific Area.  Pacific Ocean islands. Oceania


Social history and conditions

930-939.5 New Zealand. Pacific Area. Pacific Ocean islands


The Family. Marriage. Woman

1865.5-1869 Women and Feminism of New Zealand. Pacific Area. Pacific Ocean islands


Political institutions and public administration

5800-5899 New Zealand
5995-6551 Pacific Area. Pacific Ocean islands


Emigration and immigration. International migration

9260-9269 New Zealand
9290-9470 Pacific Area. Pacific Ocean islands


Visual arts

7406-7413 Art history of New Zealand. Oceania. Pacific islands



5001-7511 Languages of Oceania


English literature

9620-9645.5 New Zealand. Pacific islands


National bibliography

4501-5000 Oceania

Digitized Books

The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (Victoria University) is a free online archive that offers a searchable set of digitized books, manuscripts, journals, and images on New Zealand and other Pacific islands.

The Center for Pacific Island Studies at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa provides an open access repository of its digitized publications.

Recommend A Book?

Is there a book that you think the library should have?  You can recommend a book purchase here or make a comment below.