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Life Sciences

Importing Citations into Endnote

The PDF files below will explain how to export citations from frequently used health and life sciences databases and import the citations into an EndNote library.

It is also possible to connect to and search UCLA-subscribed databases through the EndNote program's connection files. The Biomedical Library does not recommend this technique be used when conducting thorough literature searches. The number of results returned from connection files searches may vary from the number of results retrieved when searching a database directly.

Create a free Endnote Online account

Set up a free EndNote Online account for your research and writing!

EndNote Online is different from the desktop version of Endnote (currently Endnote X7). Endnote Online is a free, web-based, limited version of Endnote that you can use to:

  • Save and organize the references you find from databases or from saved files
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Word to cite and format your paper in a choice of publishing styles
  • Share folders of citations for collaborative projects with partners
  • Identify the best journal for your research to be published using Manuscript Matcher

How to create an account

Endnote Web create an account

Install Cite While You Write

Use the EndNote plug-in to insert references, and format citations and bibliographies automatically while you write your papers in Word. In order for EndNote Web to work with Microsoft Word, you must download the Cite While You Write plug-in.

Installing the Cite While You Write Plug-in for Macintosh

  • Log on to EndNote in a Web browser, and then click the Format tab.
  • Click the Download Macintosh link to download the Cite While You Write installation disk image.
  • Double-click the Cite While You Write.dmg file.
  • Drag the EndNote Web folder to the Applications folder on your hard drive.
  • Double-click on the Applications folder, then the EndNote online folder, and finally the ENWeb_installer file
  • Install Endnote Plug-In
  • Open Word and look for the Endnote plugin

Installing the Cite While You Write Plug-in for Windows

  • Open your EndNote Basic and under the Format tab, download Windows
  • Install Endnote Plug-Ins
  • On the Set Server screen, select the type of EndNote online server account you will be using.
  • Select features. Click the drop-down to and select an option to install the feature on your hard drive. You may install both the IE plug-in and the CWYW for Word feature. Or you may install one or the other.
  • Restart your computer and open Word and look for the Endnote plugin

Importing Citations from PubMed

Importing Citations using an Import Filter (e.g. PubMed)

Some databases do not offer a direct import for EndNote,like PubMed. You must save your citations as a text file and then import them into EndNote Online.

  • Check the boxes to the left of the citations you wish to save
  • Click the Send to link near the top right of the screen.
  • Select Citation Manager and click on Create File

  • Now, save the file to your desktop or another easy to remember location.
  • Open your EndNote Online and under the Collect tab, select Import References.
  • Select the file.
  • Import Option: select PubMed (NLM).
  • Click the import button
  • The citations will show up in your EndNote page under My References

Importing Citations from Web of Science

  • Check the boxes to the left of the citations you want to add
  • Click the link for Save To EndNote online

Importing from Web of Science

  • The citations will show up in your EndNote Basic page under My References

Organize and Share References

Groups provide a nice way to organize your citations and group together citations on a similar topic or citations for a certain project.

  • Select the Organize tab from the top of the screen, and then click on Manage My Groups.
  • From this page, you can create, rename, delete, or share groups

Manage groups in Endnote

  • To find duplicate references: Select the Organize tab from the top of the screen, and then click on Find Duplicates

Find duplicated in Endnote online

Creating Bibliographies

You can use the Endnote Online to export a bibliography:

  • Select the Format tab from the top of the screen, and then click on Bibliography
  • Under References, select a group
  • Under Bibliographic Style, choose the style of your references
  • Under File Format, select HTML, TXT, or RTF

Choose to Save, Email, or Preview and Print.

exporting bibliography from Endnote online

Using Cite While You Write in Word:

  • Click the Insert Citation(s) button on the EndNote toolbar
  • Find the reference you want to insert
  • Click the Insert button

using CWYW