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Music and Sound Recordings at UCLA

How to find music recordings and sound effects at UCLA.

Locating CDs, LPs and Other Sound Recordings

Use the UCLA Library Catalog to find CDs, LPs and other sound recordings.

Limit your keyword search to "sound recordings" and enter as many specific words as you can. Here are some examples.


A Note on Locating World Music (and Field) Recordings

Most commercial CDs and other (e.g., field) recordings of World musics are held in the Ethnomusicology Archive. Access Ethnomusicat to locate Ethnomusicology Archives material. For more information, also see the Ethnomusicology research guide.

This video is part of Artist House Music interview series on YouTube.


BBC Sound Effects Library. CDA 15356. 60 compact disks of rights free sound effects from the BBC. The booklet indexes the sounds on the CDs. (CDA 15356 Booklet).

Digital Sound Gallery. Multimedia music & sound effects library. CDR-83. Collection of digitally recorded sounds that you can use to embellish your multimedia presentations, augment your narrations, create soundtracks, and more.