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Music and Sound Recordings at UCLA

How to find music recordings and sound effects at UCLA.

Audio Licensed for UCLA

These sites are licensed by UCLA for students, faculty and staff on campus or at home via the VPN or Proxy Server. Access to non-UCLA users is on campus only.

Audio Freely Available

Selected free sites available to anyone, anywhere.

Accessing Online Audio

Most sites require the use of Quicktime, Real Audio, or the Windows Media Player. Please ensure that you have the most recent version of the appropriate player downloaded. 

On-Campus Access

If using a CLICC laptop or a library desktop computer, no log-in will be required to gain access to the audio resources. If using a personal computer on-campus, log-in to the UCLA wireless, in order to access the UCLA Library resources. 

Off-Campus Access

Most of the links on these pages go to subscription sources which are accessible from any computer on campus. UCLA students, faculty, and staff can access these sites from off-campus using either the Proxy Server (a simple setting in your browser) or the VPN Client (a program you install on your computer).