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Scandinavian Literature

Connecting from Off-Campus: VPN or Proxy Server

The UCLA Library's online subscription resources can be accessed from computers and wireless networks on campus. However, off-campus access is restricted to current UCLA, students, faculty, and staff who have set up their computer using a virtual private vetwork (VPN) or a proxy server: 

  • RECOMMENDED: Virtual Private Network (VPN): A program you can download and install, or use the built-in version on many computers or mobile devices. VPN software must be logged on manually before you access a restricted site, but works for all programs on your computer. It stays connected until you log off.
  • Proxy Server: A simple browser setting which will automatically divert you to a UCLA logon page when you first access a restricted site.

If you still need help, you can contact the UCLA IT Support Center at (310) 267-4357 or They provide 24/7 phone support. 

UC Library Search

UCLA Library Locations for Books and Other Print Materials

The majority of printed books found in this guide are located at the following library locations: 

  • Charles E. Young Research Library (YRL): Houses research-level collections in the humanities and social sciences, including the majority of UCLA's European studies books and periodicals. 
  • UCLA Lab School Library: Children's book collection that is accessible to UCLA Library card holders.
  • Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF): Off-site storage facility for all campus libraries; most materials can be delivered to an on-campus library for pick-up (look for a "request" link when viewing an SRLF item in the library catalog). 
  • Library Special Collections: Non-circulating rare books and manuscripts; follow the link for information on requesting materials. 


WorldCat is a union catalog that searches across the collections of many libraries both in the U.S. and worldwide. There is both a subscription version of the catalog from FirstSearch, as well as a freely available web version. However, WorldCat does not list the holdings of all international collections and archives, so researchers are encouraged to also explore the individual catalogs and finding aids of relevant institutions.

Sample Library of Congress Search Headings

The UCLA Library uses the Library of Congress Classification to organize its holdings. Searching Library of Congress standardized subject headings can help you find books on specific topics, authors, and genres in UC Library Search. Some examples are provided below. You can also browse UC Library Search by Library of Congress Subject Heading (LCSH) here; just select the option in the dropdown. 

Browsing the Stacks

It can also be useful to know the Library of Congress call number ranges. Below are the ranges most relevant to Scandinavian Literature. For a detailed breakdown, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline. Select Section P -- Language and Literature, then subclass PT (or see below). 

Subclass PT

PT7001-7099  Scandinavian literature
PT7001-7099              General
PT7001-7087                          Literary history and criticism
PT(7088)-(7089)                     Folk literature
PT7090-7099                          Collections

PT7101-7338  Old Norse literature: Old Icelandic and Old Norwegian
PT7101-7211              Literary history and criticism
PT7170-7176                          Poetry
PT7177-7211                          Prose
PT7181-7193                                      Sagas
PT7195-7211                                      Scientific and learned literature
PT7220-7262.5            Collections
PT7230-7252                          Poetry
PT7255-7262.5                       Prose
PT7261-7262.5                                    Sagas
PT7263-7296              Individual sagas and historical works
PT7298-7309              Religious works
PT7312-7318              Scientific and learned literature
PT7326-7338              Individual authors or works before 1540

PT7351-7550  Modern Icelandic literature
PT7351-7418              Literary history and criticism
PT(7420)-(7438)         Folk literature
PT7442                       Juvenile literature (General)
PT7450-7495              Collections
PT7500-7511              Individual authors or works
PT7500-7501                          16th-18th centuries
PT7510-7511                          19th-20th centuries
PT7512-7513                          21st century
PT7520-7550              Provincial, local, foreign