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GIS and Geospatial Technologies: ArcGIS Account

This guide provides GIS tutorials, data, books, course-specific GIS guides and other geospatial related information that might be of interest.

ArcGIS Account

Your affiliation with UCLA's ArcGIS Online organization gives you access to resources unavailable to someone outside our organization. Currently, there are two ways to log in to ArcGIS online at UCLA. 

1. Visit and click "Sign In."

2. You will see the sign-in page.

a) if you have a UCLA-affiliated ArcGIS Online account, you can log in using that. Type in your account and password; you can access your content in ArcGIS Online at UCLA.

b) Using your UCLA Logon ID, you can access the ArcGIS Online account through Single Sign-on (SSO). Click UCLA GIS Online at UCLA, and you will lead to SSO sign-in page. 























3. Type in your UCLA Logon ID and password. Then you can access ArcGIS Online at UCLA. 


Accounts become invalid

If your account becomes invalid and you cannot reset your password, you can email with your Name, Account, and Email address. ESRI will bring your account back.