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Anti-Racism & Racial Justice Resources

A collection of anti-racism and racial justice resources.

Helpful Terms

As you search UC Library Search and other databases these are some helpful terms to keep in mind:

anti-racism, activism, activists,  education, history and criticism, human rights, prejudice, political activists, white privilege, race, racism, racial bias, racial discrimination, 

Evaluate your Sources

TRAAP is a simple acronym that can be used as a tool for evaluating information and determining if you're heading toward a fake news trap. Each letter in TRAAP represents a criteria by which to measure the reliability and relevance of sources.

Timeliness: The currency of the information 

  • When was the information published or posted?

  • Has it been updated?

  • Do you need the most current, up-to-date information on your topic? Sometimes older material is still relevant today.

Relevance: The information meets your needs 

  • Does the information directly relate to the topic you were interested in?

  • Does it help you answer questions?

  • Have you looked at other sources to find the best one?

Authority: The source of the information 

  • Who is the author or publisher?

  • What is their relationship with this topic and why have they chosen to write about it?

Accuracy: The reliability and correctness of the information 

  • Can you verify the information with another source?

  • Is the information supported by citations or other evidence?

​Purpose: The reason the information exists

  • What is the purpose of the information? To educate, sell, persuade, or entertain?

  • Is the information given as fact or opinion?

A Note about these Resources

This guide is intended for self-directed learning. BIPOC faculty, staff, students, and community members are not accountable to white people who often only show up during times of crisis. If they don’t respond at all, or don’t respond right away when you reach out, respect that. The Research Desk is available and ready to help 24/7.