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Anti-Racism and Racial Justice Resources

A collection of anti-racism and racial justice resources.


This guide is meant to be a starting point to better understand issues related to anti-Black racism and racial justice in America. The guide is by no means exhaustive nor does it comprehensively cover all the facets of the issues listed here. We’ve tried to highlight resources that are free and, where applicable, have indicated multiple ways of access. In addition, some information and resources are specific to current dialogues within the UCLA community.

The creators of this guide recognize that systemic racism is prevalent at UCLA and in the University Libraries, and that our individual biases are at work even here. This guide in no way exempts UCLA, The University Libraries or the guide’s creators from white supremacy, nor further anti-racist work.

The Research Desk is available and ready to help 24/7.

This guide is a work in progress, we welcome your suggestions.


BLM Protests Los Angeles

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