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Resources for Artists

Individual Artists

In the library catalog, works by and about individual artists can be found in various ways.

The most comprehensive search can be done using the artist's name in the keyword search box. The most effective way to do this is to use quotation marks to search the name as a phrase, eg. "Kara Walker". This search will find books about Kara Walker, but will also expand to include chapters of books where she is mentioned and exhibition catalogs of both solo and group shows.

A narrower search can be done by subject:

Walker, Kara

Walker, Kara - Exhibitions

Walker, Kara - Criticism and Interpretation



Wikipedia can be a useful resource for finding basic and sometimes detailed information about an individual artist. Wikipedia is crowd sourced, which means that often a wide variety of people will contribute to editing an individual page. For emerging and early career artists, a Wikipedia page will often contain information that is not easily found elsewhere, such as listings of solo and group exhibitions. References attached to individual Wikipedia pages can also be useful because they point to other information about the artist, including interviews and exhibition reviews. See examples below.

Museums, Foundations, and Archives

Museums, Foundations, and Archives can have substantial holdings of works by individual artists as well as collections of material documenting the life and work of artists and groups of artists. Some prominent examples include: