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E-books: Art and Art History

Finding E-books in the UCLA Library Catalog

Searching for e-books is as simple as searching for traditional books.

Open the UCLA Library Catalog.

On the UCLA Library Catalog main search page, select the Advanced Search tab.

A screenshot of the UCLA Library Catalog main search page with the "Advanced" search tab highlighted in red.

Enter your search in the search box, in this example chemistry. Under Location, select Online. Under Type, select Book.

A screenshot of the UCLA Library Catalog advanced search page with the tabs for "Location" and "Type" highlighted in red.

On the Search Results page, click on the title of the e-book. Any item with electronic access will say [electronic resource] in the title or have Online Resources as the item location.

A screenshot of the Search Results page with the fields "electronic resource" and "online resources" highlighted in red.

To open the e-book, click the link next to the ONLINE ACCESS.

A screenshot of an electronic record with the "Online Acccess" field highlighted in red.

You will be able to read all UCLA licensed e-books online. Depending on UCLA Library's agreement with the publisher, you may also be able to download, save, highlight, and even print the e-book for your personal use.

Warning: When new print records are added to the collection, it is possible that they may appear in the search results though the only available online content is the table of contents or book cover. These records are removed quickly from the e-book list, but if you do encounter one of these records, it is likely that we only have the title in print.