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Design Media Arts

A basic research guide

Recommended Titles

Relevant Subject Headings and Call Numbers

Search the UCLA Libary Catalog under the following subject headings to find relevant sources for typography and typographers:

Display type
Computerized typesetting
Graphic Design (Typography)
Graphic Design (Typography) -- History
Layout (Printing)
Printing -- specimens
Type and type-founding
Type and type-founding -- Digital techniques
Type and type-founding -- Periodicals
Type designers
Type ornaments
Web Typography

Specific typefaces can be searched by the subject type and type-founding with their name following, e.g. Type and type-founding -- Gothic type.

Type designers can also be searched by their names, e.g. Tschichold, Jan.

Each section of the stacks (Stacks, Oversize, Reference, Pictorial Reference, Current Periodicals, etc.) can be browsed by call number, as can the library catalog. The Arts Library has a closed stacks area called "The Cage" where delicate, fragile, and rare materials are shelved; you will discover these materials when searching or browsing the library catalog. Try browing these call numbers:

Z246                   Graphic Design (Typography)
Z250 - Z251       Type and type-founding
Z250 .A2            Type designers
Z250.7                Type and type-founding -- Digital techniques
Z253 - Z253.4   Typesetting