Political Science

Off-Campus Access

Before you get started using any of the licensed resources from this guide, be sure you have set up the BOL Proxy Server or VPN client on your laptop or home computer! This will enable you do conduct research and access full-text articles, databases, and other resources from anywhere.

Welcome to the Political Science Resource Guide

This guide contains a variety of online and print resources for students and researchers in the Political Science Program. All of the resources you will need for your research are available by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

Suggestions and comments are welcome so that the guide can continue to grow and be a useful resource for you.

Technology and Group Space

  • Laptop Lending
    4 hrs check-out period. Can be renewed once (probably best to renew when it gets closer to the first due back time). Check out the software list in case there are programs you only need occasionally, such as statistical analysis or media editing.
  • Software Shortcut
    You can also access a number of software packages remotely, independent of the operating systems you use. See the software list.
  • Group Study Rooms
    You can reserve a group study space 24 hrs in advance (one week for faculty and grad students).
  • Collaboration Space with IT/media capabilities
    Designed for up to ten users, the twenty pods are equipped with large LCD monitors operated by laptops. Intended to stimulate interdisciplinary exchange and discovery by serendipity, the pods are ideal for groups that are happy to share their projects and discussions with other users. Individual pods can be reserved online.

Keeping Track of Your Project

  • bubbl
    Concept mapping software.
  • Write down keywords/subject headings, names, ... you have used in which database and when.
  • Use the email feature to end the citation information from databases we subscribe to.
  • Web page clippings or note taking services
  • Reference Management Software
    UCLA does not offer a campus wide license, but there are some free options:
  • EndNote Web
    A free web version with limited features compared to the full Endnote. You need to sign-up for an account. Make sure your off-campus access setup is enabled before you sign-up for an account.
  • Zotero
    A free FireFox extension/plugin. It can also capture webpages. You can also save citations to an online account.

Get Help

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